Poker Birthday Cake Images

This fun poker table cake was created for a 40th birthday party. It was very unique and in several aspects a first for me.

It is a hexagon shaped cake but inside there are actually two different cakes. There is a vanilla bean cake layered with raspberry filling and marzipan and iced in raspberry buttercream (see below for “inside” pictures). On top of that is a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache filling and icing.

The cake is covered in black fondant with a green border and hexagon cut out on top to make it look like a poker table. To complete the poker design there is a deck of cards made from fondant, black and red poker chips, a royal flush, the big blind with the birthday message, and more cards.

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Poker Birthday Cake Cards and chips made out of gumpaste. The cards cut using Circut cake and so were the letters and hearts on them. Don't forget the birthday cake and poker-themed frosting designs to boot. A poker birthday party is much like a casino party, since players are spoilt for choice with ‘Game Night’ ideas. Don't forget the birthday cake and gifts for the lucky player.

If you are further interested, here are progress pictures of how I made the cake:

I started out with each 2 round layers of vanilla bean and chocolate fudge cake. For easier handling during cutting and assembly I always chill my cake layers and wrap in plastic wrap to keep them from drying out.

Not too often do I receive requests for hexagon shaped cakes so I don’t have special pans for them. I simply made a paper template in the size I needed and cut the hexagon shape from the round cake layers.

I also used the template to make a cake board as I couldn’t find hexagon shapes in any of my usual supply stores. After cutting out the shape from corrugated cardboard I covered it in silver cake foil.

For the bottom cake I torted the vanilla bean layers to have 4, and filled them with raspberry filling, marzipan and another layer of raspberry in between each layer of cake. It looked so delicious!

It was the first time for this combination requested in this assembly, but it looked great and I will definitely make it again.


The bottom cake I then iced in raspberry buttercream. I filled and iced the chocolate fudge cake with chocolate ganache. I had used ganache as a filling many times before but this was the first time to use it as icing as well. Since I am always using European buttercreams I didn’t find it much different to work with and it held up well.

Both cakes were chilled to set the icings before putting them together. Using a hot spatula I smoothed out the seams to have one even layer of icing to place the fondant on.

The empty black and green poker table.

The poker chips are fondant circle cut outs, the inner circle is marked with a smaller cutter, and the dots are painted with edible food colours.

The playing cards are also cut out from fondant and the different symbols are either cut out from fondant or drawn on with edible food markers.

I used these Fine Tip Food Writers from Wilton, which worked great for this project. But if you need more than the primary colours these Food Colour Markers from AmeriColor offer a great colour selection and an even finer tip.

Originally, I had planned to have the royal flush cards and back of the card deck printed on icing sheets, but had no luck finding a place locally that could print edible images.

It was a little daunting, but for the first time I attempted an extensive drawing with edible markers. They took a while but, to my surprise, came together quite easily otherwise.

The completed poker table/casino cake from close up.

PokerPoker Birthday Cake Images

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Poker birthday cake images

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Poker Birthday Cake Images

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Poker Birthday Cake Images

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