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Over 30M downloads, 80K initial FREE CHIPS, 100% FREE Texas Hold'em Poker! $80,000 initial FREE chips, DAILY gift, friends gift and online rewards - They're totally FREE! Exciting features that you can only experience in DH Texas Poker: # VIP Table - Experience Las Vegas VIP! # Private Table - Play with your friends! # Game mode - Play Now, Lucky table, Private Room, Select Casino, Sit&Go. Experience gift pack including smart wallet, personalised voucher and message card PA cover to a value of £50,000 plus cancellation indemnity The professional croupiers will introduce you to the rules of Texas Hold’em Poker, with plenty of tips on how to play. Currently The Venetian Poker Room is open daily from 9:00 a.m. Starting Friday September 18th, the Poker Room will remain open until 3:00 a.m. In an effort to provide our guests with a poker experience they know and love in a safe environment, The Venetian Poker Room will begin offering eight-handed cash game play on Friday. Poker players and fans don’t always need a new deck of cards or chips to feel the love from a good gift. If you want to give them something a little more unique while still being affordable, a t-shirt offers a different way to show some pride. To find the right t-shirt, however, you need to keep the graphics and quality of the material in mind.

Are you looking for Christmas or birthday gift for someone who plays poker? Do you really want to impress someone, with very a special gift? Our Poker Gift Guide will help you pick the perfect gift with our ideas for best gifts for poker players.

Gifts for Poker Players: Cards and Accessories

Artisan Playing Cards: Luxury Set

Every poker player owns some set of cards. But not every poker players owns Artisan cards. The art on those cards is breathtakingly detailed. Everything comes in a very beautiful looking box that just screams perfect gift. You can check the price and see more photos on Amazon.

Poker Experience Gifts

JPC 500 Piece Crown Casino Poker Set

Every poker player should have their own set of nice poker chips. This set provides some real quality for a reasonable price. There are 500 chips total which is usually enough for games with up to 10 players. The set also includes two decks of playing cards, five dice and a dealer’s button.

Everything is packed in a sturdy good-looking aluminium carrying case.

13,5 g Clay Poker Chips Included

We should also talk about the chips you get. JPC Crown Casino chips are one of the more heavier ones with 13,5 grams. This provides nice feel as they don’t seem cheap compared to some of the lighter ones. As such this set is a nice gift for everyone who doesn’t already own a set.

Poker experience gifts

Card Shuffler

Card shuffler is a nice budget gift. You should probably check before if your giftee likes to use the shuffler since some players find them annoying – especially if they’re using more expensive cards.

Gifts for Poker Players: Books

Poker books are one of the best gifts for poker players. Those we recommend here ware written by some of the greatest poker minds. As such they provide both entertainment and a learning experience. They are great even for more experienced players.

The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler

There are plenty of books that an experienced poker player wouldn’t care much about. The Mental Game definitely isn’t one of those.

Poker experience gift card

As the name suggests Jared doesn’t focuses entirely on the mental game, rather than the poker strategy. That makes the book a great gift for anyone who gets angry when unlucky streak comes.

Plenty of readers said that the book is very rewarding on rereads. This is indeed a rare sight in the flood of different poker books on the market. The mental game is important for poker players of all levels levels.

The Grinder’s Manual by Peter Clarke

Poker has changed a lot in the last decade. Peter Clarke does an amazing job of teaching the reader new tools of the trade. The Grinder’s Manual is therefore great read for a returning poker player.

Information is provided in a very technical and math-heavy way. It will open new ways of thinking about poker to your giftee.

Easy Game by Andrew Seidman

Even if poker seems like an easy game it truly isn’t. You could say it’s easy to learn and hard to master. The book is a great gift for everyone who wants to get better at poker, except for the professional poker players of course.

Lots of readers were skeptic of the book’s high price (check it on Amazon). After reading it, they said that it was worth every penny.

Poker Experience Gift Card

Gifts for Poker Players: Poker Tables

Poker tables can also be a great gift. There are plenty of choice and today we’ll highlight two. One is a nice budget friendly build, where you’ll get the most bang for your buck. The other is more on the high-end spectrum of tables.

Barrington Poker Table (10 players)

Barrington Poker Table is the most valuable table you can get for a very reasonable price. It supports up to ten players and is easily fold-able.

It provides enough space for up to ten players. Padded rails provide comfort for forearms during play. It also has built-in cup holders, for keeping the table cloth clean without depriving players of refreshment.

Prestigious Table for 4

Maybe you’re looking for more of a high end gift? This table for four isn’t cheap that’s true. But it definitely delivers with its distinctly American look made with finest woods available.

The table actually supports both poker and bumper pool – with accessories included. It can also turn into classical diner table which looks great in a living room. If you want to know more about it, you can check it on Amazon.

Gifts for Poker Players: Clothes


Poker themed shirt or a hoodie is a great gift. It’s hard to know which book would be the best gift, but for a shirt – all you need to know is the right size. You don’t even need to worry about usefulness – an extra shirt always comes in handy!

Fun Poker Shirt

Who doesn’t like fun shirts? The one above our favorite. Maybe they’ll at least fold this one.

Poker Hoodie

Hoodies are neat! You can wear them anywhere, they’re comfy and warm. If you giving them to a poker fan, there are plenty of poker-themed ones on Amazon.

Best Gifts for Poker Players – Recap

Hopefully we helped you find the perfect gift for a poker player. To quickly recap – you really can’t go wrong with a poker book such as The Mental Game of Poker. On the other hand if you’re giftee doesn’t have a poker set, that might be a cool idea.

During all the shopping for gifts – don’t forget – the biggest gift is always the kindness and attention we give to one other.

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