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Online and land-based pokies are electronic and powered by Random Number Generators. The results of each spin are determined by complex computerised algorithms. This can be daunting for some who question the legitimacy behind such systems.

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When making the switch to playing pokies online, it is beneficial to understand how RNGs work. Also, how to determine whether a casino is using safe and fair RNGs to power their pokies.

Understanding how RNGs work will also help to establish safe gambling practices by accepting there’s nothing players can do to influence the outcome of a spin. It is like the original lever-powered slot machines.

An RNG is a computerised system developed to replicate the true randomness of manual casino games. These are electronically-generated the results of a pokies spin based on no particular pattern or pre-programmed outcomes.

RNGs can’t be seen by the naked eye. They are programmed into the slot software using hidden formulas to generate complex number sequences that determine where the pokies symbols will land.

Free poker machines to play

When it comes to online pokies and RNGs, there are literally millions of possible outcomes every time you hit that spin button.

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When using a fair and unbiased RNG, there is nothing the player or the casino operator can do to alter the formula in order to influence the result of the spin in any way.

Poker Machine Big Wins Prizes


Today’s pokies all pretty much depend on random number generators and tiny computer chips, a far cry from the mechanical gambling machines of the late 19th and early 20th century.

Classic mechanical-style pokies can still be bought and sold, usually as decorative items or for in-home entertainment. Actual machines used for gambling are electronically-powered and depend on a fairly complex computer system to determine wins and payouts.

Pokies are made up of a number of different parts. The game’s cabinet houses the machine and is often the most decorative piece, displaying the name of the game and decorated with flashing light effects to attract attention.

Lightning Poker Machine Big Wins

Modern pokies use a video screen interface where the game itself is displayed. The interface also shows the payout schedule (how much a player wins depending on the symbols that line up) and can be considered the area of the machine where the game “lives.” Almost all the interaction between player and machine happens on the interface.

Other items you’ll see on a poker machine include a note or coin acceptor where the gambler inserts cash, coins, or other forms of credit with which they’ll place their bets, and the coin try or payout tray where any winnings a player happens on are paid out. Jackpots that are too large to be paid out through the coin tray are paid by hand by a casino employee.

Free Poker Machines To Play

Inside a modern poker machine is where the game’s complexity becomes evident. The game itself is programmed onto a motherboard similar to one you’d find in any computer or video game. This is where the program that runs the game is stored and where most of the action of the game takes place. If a player were to crack open a poker machine, they’d also find a series of meters that record all the data collected by the machine: payouts, how much money has been paid in to the game, and other data.