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11 Oct

Online poker magazines that are more ‘ favorit ‘, on the other hand, tend to have different sections, such as Poker’s info section, Poker tournaments section, highlight poker players section, and poker opinion sections – each with what can be turned into (depending on the particular magazine that happened to look at) some great features. Overall, though, this is a terrific magazine. It is a magazine that you find in Las Vegas by some of the poker rooms. If you order this magazine, though, be sure you follow the order process closely. I ordered it on December 14 and hadn't received it by February 8. I called the magazine itself and they did not have me on record. PokerPlasm is an online poker magazine devoted to poker interviews, articles, tips, and the latest news. Learn more from the poker professionals! Card Player magazine’s 26 issues per year cover poker strategy, poker news, online and casino poker, and poker legislation.

Poker magazines online

Some are stand-alone, others incorporate digital content; some focus on the top pros and tournaments, while others will fill your need for poker strategy and guides to the best casinos, games and deals.

Here I will look at the best poker magazines out there, and hopefully re-kindle (no pun intended!) your love of the old-school approach to journalism.

As a working ‘print-magazine’ editor myself, hopefully you’ll enjoy my take on the world of ‘paper-poker’!


They say: ‘Card Player magazine’s 26 issues per year covers poker strategy, poker news, online and casino poker, and poker legislation’.

We say: Very good, and the website is an excellent one, but who are the magazine aiming their articles and news stories at?

Well, the strategy articles are a bit deeper than those covered in many mags – although they won’t really tax anyone with huge experience in the game – but they are also available in online format.

One good example (which I like personally as the practical aspect of games interests me) is Steve Zolotow’s series of columns on ‘Discipline’, which is “essential for anyone who wants to be a professional poker player”. This series covers:

  • Avoiding tilt
  • Finding games or situations where you have an edge
  • Physical conditioning
  • Mental conditioning
  • Maintaining a bankroll

Excellent advice for any would-be poker pro – and not above the understanding level of those fairly new to the game either - although many will prefer the ‘pure’ strategy focus of other writers, of which there are many.

For example, Jonathan Little this week looked at ‘How to Play Bottom Set when Deep-Stacked’, highlighting a hand from the recent EPT Barcelona.

CardPlayer has been around for a long time - since 1988 - making it the elder statesman of the poker magazine industry, and features less of the big-name interviews than some other magazines, although they don’t ignore the movers-and-shakers of the poker world - Adam Friedman and Tuan Lee being recent examples.

Overall it’s a very-well produced mag and when you subscribe to the print version you also get access to the digital content, which is great if you like to read mags in the loo while your laptop is waiting for you back in the study. Or perhaps that’s just me?

Cost: A yearly subscription to the magazine – 26 issues - will set you back $39.95 if you live in the US and about double that for international readers, although the online-only content is a cheaper proposition.

Check CardPlayer’s subscription offers out here with samples of the recent magazine free to view.

Bluff (Europe)

Poker Magazines online, free

They say: ‘Bluff Europe is the UK and Irelands’ most widely-read poker publication. With contributions from Poker's hottest Players, Bluff Europe not only brings you strategy that will improve your game, but brings you the life-style insights that make Poker the most popular card game on Earth!’

We say: With the US version having gone to the wall in February of this year, a fate which also befell the WPT magazine a couple of months earlier, it’s left to the European version to carry the flag, and carry it they do – albeit unconventionally.

I have to say, I was a bit surprised by the articles on offer here – and pleasantly so in a strange kind of way. It’s as if the editor has just given the writers’ free reign to cover poker, and gambling in general, however they see fit!

This results in many quirky stories being told – for example Adam Slutsky’s ‘Five Aces beat a Royal Flush’ – and it seems to work. I found myself learning at the same time as I enjoyed a good story, which is rarely the case with your average ‘technical strategy articles’ which seem to predominate nowadays.

With Dara O’Kearney covering strategy, and columns by the likes of Neil Channing, Nick Wealthall and Tony 'Tikay' Kendall, the focus is really very UK and Europe based as you’d expect, but the interviews cover a whole spectrum of guests form near and far – the Jean Robert Bellande one being among the best I’ve read.

Cost: With a current price of £19.99 for the year (that’s a 40% discount at the moment, and it’s available through Amazon) you can also get the magazine downloadable on the App Store and GooglePlay.

Well worth the money and an interesting change from the poker magazine I was expecting having read the US version previously.


They say: ‘Each ALL IN Magazine issue in your subscription presents the latest news, poker insights, an exclusive look into the poker lifestyle, behind the scenes of the most recent events, winning strategies, tips from top pros and so much more.’

We say: This is a big glossy mag full of news and features and adverts, with the focus mainly on poker, but also covering DFS and various other gambling activities – including games such as HearthStone and Madden2015 for the Xbox 360 in the most recent issue.

The format is pretty much what you’d find in any sports or lifestyle magazine – and I don’t mean that in a negative way – it’s a tried and tested format which delivers exactly what the majority of players want. Big name interviews, full-colour spreads and tournament round-ups.

The ‘poker strategy’ part of the magazine is limited – it’s not really the purpose of this publication, so if you’re after the lowdown on how to extract maximum value from your gutshot on the river, you’re unlikely to find it here.

Cost: Still, it’s a decent read if you enjoy the ‘big glossy’ style, and at the current offer price of $29.95 for 11 issues, or $39.95 for 2 year’s (22 issues) you wouldn’t be making a mistake in subscribing. Note, though, that it’s very US-centric and only available there for the time being.

PokerPlayer365 (online magazine)

They say: ‘Every month PokerPlayer and American PokerPlayer magazines are published for free in our app. That means you can get all of this without spending any money…Up to 68 pages of fantastic poker content written by the world’s best players and poker journalists.’

We say: This is one of the online magazines which looks exactly like a print-version, and I’ve included it to show you how ‘old-school’ I am! It took me all of 3 minutes to download the PC apps for viewing it, which must be an all-time record for this technophobe.

Poker Magazines Online

With a regular cover and contents page, this is as close to print poker journalism as you’ll get. Want to read ‘7 Deadly Cash Game Sins’? Just click on it in the contents page and you’re straight there.

This mag is where you’ll find the best strategy articles, and lots of them. Both CardRunners and GrinderSchool provide regular content, and Sofia Lövgren’s ‘In the Tank’ pages are a neat ‘Agony Aunt’ poker-advice column sponsored by her site.

Cost: As you’ll doubtless have realised by now, the vast majority of the articles in PokerPlayer are sponsored – that’s why you’re now getting it for FREE. And you can’t say fairer than that! Plus there are lots of bonus goodies such as videos available – almost enough to tempt this old-timer away from his stacks of paper magazines.

Check it out here and choose between the US and the International versions.


They say: “Our Mission - Ante Up, YOUR Poker Magazine, is dedicated to everyday poker players and their poker rooms.”

We say: This is a very grassroots US poker publication, as evidenced on the contents page editorial which states: “What really makes Ante-Up tick are the contributions from all portions of the industry” and goes on to explain the role of the ‘ambassadors they use to reach out across the country.

Splitting the country into large regions works well for this mag, allowing readers to focus on their own areas results and upcoming tournaments before looking at the wider picture, but this really is aimed at the nitty-gritty casino player who wants all the details of everything below the ‘pro’ level.

The magazine does cover strategy and other poker features, but they are minimal compared to the news and soon-to-be-news. However, the guys do a good job of covering some interesting stuff; Mark Brement looks at a coaching session where his student – thinking of turning pro - is playing “out-of-position poker. A quick analogy is a drunk taking a job in a bar. Not a good idea. Position is to poker as water is to life.”

Joe Apostolico’s most recent strategy column looks at FOMO – a phrase I vaguely knew of – and which stands for ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ – “much like the investor who ignores the fundamentals, these players are chasing the dream. They’re afraid of missing out. They would feel much worse folding their hand prematurely if that flush draw came in.” We can all relate top that type of player!

Overall this is an excellent magazine which achieves what it sets out to do – inform the everyday poker player about all that is happening in their geographical sphere.

Cost: With print, view online and pdf version all available, and subscriptions at £30 per year for 12 issues, this is a must have for the local US live poker enthusiast. Outside of that group, just read the free online version.

Check it out here.

Every poker player.

Be it a beginner or a professional needs to keep up with the latest that is going on in the poker world.

From keeping tabs on tournaments, new rising stars of the game to any new strategies that the professionals use.

You need to be updated with all that is happening in the poker world.

Here we have a list of the top 10 poker magazines you should read, they include both online and physical magazines and while most of them have regular issues being printed, there are a couple of magazines here which are erratic and have a bit of a publishing issue, no worries, they are still in circulation and are great.

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1. Card Player

This magazine has 26 issues which are provided per year.

The magazine covers almost everything from poker from news, strategy, online poker, casino poker and legislation as well.

You even have a free 7-day trial to start off. It is in the digital format and print format and once you subscribe to it you have a library of over 600 issues to check up on.

There is a feeling that this magazine is not for a beginner or new poker player but is more skewed towards the professional player.

2. Bluff Magazine

The subheading for this magazine is “The Thrill of Poker”, it comes with 12 issues a year and has already come out with an android and iOS app for users to read the magazine online.

There is an archive from 2004 when the magazine started and has a lot of in-depth interviews with the top players.

3. Poker Pro

This magazine has some of the best information from the pros of the game, if you are looking for the best interviews and knowledge from the pros this is the place.

It also has a brilliant Q+A section where the pros answer your questions.

The site is down.

4. Poker Player

This has a different print format, a larger print format like a newspaper.

It still is a great magazine, weekly published. It has some great insights in their guest column.

Poker Magazines Online

They also have a feature where they review poker rooms and in which state of the US so that you know where you can play their games.

5. WPT Poker magazine

This is the official magazine for the World Poker Tour and has some great information about the professionals playing the game.

Once you register for their magazine subscription you also have access to many videos of the professionals and how they play the game.


This is an online magazine and is heavily centered around the tournaments which are going around in the UK.

However, the guests’ columns here are very informative.

They have great strategy guides as well. They have some great bios of the best poker players and videos also.

This all is free, so you should not complain.

7. Two plus Two magazine

No technically a magazine, this is still a site most players should visit.

This site has a lot of strategy and guides for the different kinds of poker. While that may not be enough, they have published over 2 million books and you can see the many books that are in their store.

This also has many links to various forums where you can get help for all your poker needs.

8. Inside Poker magazine

This magazine was earlier called Inside Edge and used to write about all kinds of different betting games, be it sports, online or poker now it just focuses on poker as the title suggests.

More emphasis in this magazine is provided to the strategy and analysis aspect of the game rather than news and events related to poker.

This is a monthly issue and should be picked up if you want to learn more about strategy only.


9. Ante Up Magazine

You can both the hard copy and online version of this magazine.

Started in 2008, it provides 12 issues throughout the year. They also have details of various leagues which are currently being run in the US.

The magazine itself provides a coverage of all the poker tournaments that have taken place in the month and also has strategy guides for various kinds of poker, not just the popular hold’em.

10. All in magazine

This magazine also comes in a physical and online format for all those who are interested in saving paper.

Best online poker magazines

The magazine has some great features and has some great pictures which would be of interest to some players.

This is heavy on various strategy and analysis of games and styles of play. So it really is not for the novice. It does have a lot of interviews with current players in the circuit, the only downside to this great magazine is that its publishing is a bit erratic, to say the least.

So there you have it

The 10 magazines online and physical every poker player should read.

Some of them are more skewed towards the interviews of the players which others are inclined towards the various tournaments that are going about.

The best magazines out of the many poker magazines out there are listed here, they are not all free, most of them do charge a fee for their subscription but even visiting their website will get you hooked as most of them have a free copy for you to check out what is on offer before you decide on taking the plunge.

Poker Magazines Online

Happy reading!