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A typical example is the mix-max event held at the 2012 World Series of Poker, in which the first day of play was nine-handed, the second day six-handed, and the rest of the tournament heads-up. This effectively made it a hybrid freezeout–shootout tournament, with freezeout play at larger tables and shootout play in the heads-up phase. Sometimes the bigger field on the last of the several day 1's is just a matter of the calendar. If day #2 is a Saturday and you're planning to come to Vegas for the weekend, you play day 1 on Friday. Playing day 1 on Thursday requires an extra day on the trip.


Tomorrow — Dec 16

Thursday — Dec 17

Friday — Dec 18

Saturday — Dec 19


Sunday — Dec 20

Monday — Dec 21

Tuesday — Dec 22

Wednesday — Dec 23

Thursday — Dec 24

Friday — Dec 25

Saturday — Dec 26

Sunday — Dec 27

Monday — Dec 28

Tuesday — Dec 29

Wednesday — Dec 30

Thursday — Dec 31

Friday — Jan 1

Saturday — Jan 2

Sunday — Jan 3

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