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Mar 08, 2020 Armor: Alloy Mail / Alloy Armor Garment: Ancient Cape Footgear: Rune Shoes / Rune Boots Accessory: Luna Brooch / STR Ring. Sphere Parasitism Amistr Blessing Blood Lust Hell Plant Restore Homunculus. Farming Build The Stats. 119 STR (Make sure your total DEX is 90) Rest to DEX. The Build – Farming Merchant. Lvl 10 Loud Exclamation. Item Database Equipment Goibne's Armor Goibne's Armor. Craftsman Goibne drinks immortal wine when he works, the wine once accidentally dropped on the armor and endowed the armor with special force.

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In Ragnarok M Eternal Love game, each weapon, armor, accessories, off-hand, foot-gear, and garment have their own additional slot. Slotting is a great way to increase your equipment damage in every way.

It can increase your basic attack, skill damage, magic damage, and many more. But if you are still a little confuse on how to add slot on your equipment then you are in luck because this article is about a guide on how to add slot on your equipment.

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What You Need to Know!

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Before starting this is a little bit information that you will need to know:

  • You can only add another slot if a gear has a “Not Socketed” icon on the item description.
  • You will need to sacrifice 10x gear, and each gear mustn’t be refine.
  • You cannot use any broken gear as material for adding the slot!

So What do you need to do next?

Anyway, to unlock the slot, you will need to go to respective NPC depending on the Equipment that you want to add, currently there are 3 NPC that you can go:

Ragnarok Eternal Love Armor Slot Armor

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  • Geffen NPC for Weapon, Off-Hand, and Armor Equipment.
  • Morroc NPC for Footgear, Garment Equipment.
  • Payon NPC for Accessory Equipment.

Note: Ensure that the accessory you are trying to add the socket is in the first slot.

If you can completely upgrade your End Tier Gear equipment, you will reset the socket count. Which means that you will receive a new equipment piece with its default slots. (The enhancement will remain and you will lose the 2 refinement). Weapon slots will revert back to [1] and equipment from your accessories will also revert back to [0] slots.

So there you have it, some a little guide to add slot on your equipment, thank you for reading, have a nice day!

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