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Welcome to the Blue Swallow Motel on Historic Route 66 in Tucumcari, NM!

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The Blue Swallow has been serving travelers along the Mother Road since 1939, and today, our guests enjoy a pleasant reminder of what it was like to travel across the USA in the “good old days.” Unlike the big corporately-owned chains, we are family owned and operated. With hospitality provided by owners Rob and Dawn, you will always be welcomed like family.

From the beautifully restored rooms, to the distinctive attached garages, to the fabulous neon display each night, a stay at the Blue Swallow is a unique experience that will leave you rested, refreshed, and with wonderful new memories. Come take a step back to a simpler time, meet your neighbors from around the world, and relax under the glow of the neon lights in the historic courtyard of the Blue Swallow Motel. It will be a pleasure to have you stay with us!

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