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If you want a custom logo, but maybe you’re just starting out (or want to save a few bucks), I understand. I invite you to try out my new service–Logo Roulette!

Logo Roulette is the same as my normal logo design service with just a few slight differences:

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Step 1

Fill out the form below for your logo with as much detail as possible and complete the $49 payment.

Step 2

I will work on and submit 3 different designs for you to choose from based on your project details.

Step 3

You choose 1 of the designs and will get a maximum of 2 revisions, and then I will send you all the files.

That’s all there is to it. I understand you might still have a few questions, and hopefully, I will answer them as you continue to read on.

Designing logos from scratch can take a very long time…but it may only take you a second to look at them and go, “No, no, maybe, no…” but all the time making them has still been spent. My new Logo Roulette service tries to blend the best of both worlds by giving you a fully customized logo at an affordable price. This is why I have to limit the number of revisions to 2.


So why the name Logo Roulette? Well, because you are taking a gamble that one of the 3 designs I send will be something you will love. No matter what, though, you won’t leave empty-handed. You get to keep one of the 3 designs, and also will receive the source files.

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Just to briefly restate how this service works:

Roulette Logo Design Ideas

1) Fill out the from below with as much detail as possible about your logo design. The more details you provide, the more likely I will be able to achieve what you are wanting.

2) I will get started on a total of 3 different designs based on your details to present to you. Typically, I can have you something within 24hrs (excluding weekends), but this depends on my current workload. There is no rush service available.

3) You choose 1 of the 3 designs I send to you. No additional designs or redesigns are included. Once you select 1 of the 3 designs, you will then get a total of 2 revision rounds for that design. This doesn’t mean you only get to change 2 things in the design…this means you send me one or more change requests, I will make those changes, and then you get one more round of change requests.

If you love the design right out of the gate, great! That is always my goal. However, at the end of the second round of revisions, that will conclude the Logo Roulette service. I will send you all of the files, including the source files (so if you have photoshop or illustrator, you will be able to edit the design or have someone else edit them). You also receive all the rights to the design to use however you choose (only for the design you chose)…I retain none of the rights for the design you choose.

If you would still like me to continue working on the project after the second round of revisions, the price will automatically upgrade to the standard design service, currently $159 (minus your $49 Logo Roulette payment…so an additional $110).

*Note:Due to the nature of this service (you are paying for my time), there are no refunds available.


I look forward to working with you!

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Please be as thorough as possible when completing this form:

Note: You do not have to have a paypal account to be able to pay, you can pay as a guest without an account.