Salsa Rueda De Casino Moves

Part 4 of the guide consists of 3 Chapters which cover those families of moves which, with a few exceptions, can be danced both in Rueda and in partner Salsa (Casino). The 3 chapters differentiate moves based on the handhold with which they begin.

Salsa Rueda De Casino Moves

Rueda de Casino #Salsa: Rueda de Casino In the 1950s Salsa Rueda or more accurately Rueda de Casino was developed in Havana, Cuba. Pairs of dancers form a circle (“Rueda” in Spanish means “Wheel”), with dance moves called out by one person. Many of the moves involve rapidly swapping partners. Salsa Casino Rueda is a group dance with a minimum of two couples, but without any maximum limit. The couples stand in a circle and are constantly changing partners. Because of the loudness of the music, the caller, who chooses the name of the moves, uses hand signals to signify those moves.”. Dec 5, 2014 - A Salsa en Rueda de Casino demonstration of Setenta Por Abajo by Nikolay and Xhercis of Palante.

There are countless individual Salsa / Casino moves and combinations, which nowadays are well covered by online videos, and so this part of the guide includes only an illustrative selection (although quite a large selection) of the most popular moves used in a Rueda context, and some examples of the many variations in their wider ‘family’ e.g variations built around Setenta, Sombrero, or Vacilala.

These pages include notes on additional notes or variations, alternative calls, and any corrections if relevant.

Former posts have now been copied into relevant Chapters to keep things organised, and to avoid too many short posts.


“Rueda de Casino” (Rueda) is a Cuban style of Salsa that is danced in a circle of friends where a caller calls dance pattern sequenced moves that sometimes create a rotational switch of partners around the circle, fun shared team moves that can build terrific teamwork or result in hilarious mayhem. Learn wonderful Cuban style salsa moves that can be danced solo as well as within the circle, creating community and joyful moments together. Casino danced with multiple partners in a circular fashion emerged in 1956 under the name “Rueda del Casino,” and has become a popular dance throughout the world today. Join the fun with us!

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