Sc2 Poker Defense

Sc2 Poker Defense

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It has become obvious to me that Topblaireau no longer wishes to continue his work on Poker Defense 4.30 or continue playing Starcraft, So after talking with alot of people I have decided to release the remake I have been working on. I have Changed, Added, Fixed and Balanced TONS of things in this map and I hope you all enjoy it. Poker Defense Sc2, slot gambling sac, casino bitcoin cash, blackjack pizza 16th street greeley co.

Starcraft 2 Custom Map – Poker Defense Revolution Guide.


So Lately I’ve been playing Starcraft 2 Custom Maps and although I am planning on making a few small reviews on them so you can use that information to find nice maps with the search function I decided to post my guide to Poker Defense Revolution first. Which is a nice Tower Defense map where your goal is to be the last player standing while getting units with poker hands and minerals with your scv or with your hands.

It’s far from complete but a good start.

Poker Defense Revolution:
If you dont have the standard wager of 20 minerals.
You won’t get any cards or unit that turn.

Engineering Bay
# Fire Suppresion System
Price: 300
# Upgrade Structure Armor(+2 Defense)
Price: 400
# Improved Steel (+500 hp)
Price: 300

Command Center
#Planetary Fortress(Damage from Base)

Sc2 Poker Defense

Sc2 Poker Defense How To Merge

Enemy Spawn:
Round #:
1-2 Broodlings – 30 hp
2-5 Zergling – 35 hp
3-3 Zealots (With Charge)
4-4 Stalkers
5-Kerrigan{Boss} #1100HP
6-Roach – 45 hp
7-15? Hydralisk – 80 hp
8-3 Immortals – 100 Shield/200 hp
9-Mass Zerglings
10-2 Ultralisk – 500 hp
15-Mass Ultralisk?
16-Mass Vikings
17-Dark Templars
19 Infestor Spawning Infested Terrans
20 Ultralisk{Mass}

Sc2 Poker Defense Merge List

High Card – 2 Zergling
One Pair – Marine (Stimpack)
One pair(High) – Roach
Two Pairs – Marauder
Two pairs(High) – Hydralisk
Three of a Kind – 2 Stalkers(Blink)
Three of a Kind(High) – 2 Helions
Straight – Ghost(Sniper Round)
Full House – Siege Tank (With Siege Mode)
Four of a Kind(High) – Thor(250mm Cannon)