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Dodatkowe przykłady dopasowywane są do haseł w zautomatyzowany sposób - nie gwarantujemy ich poprawności.

Occasionally, as in Jurevicius's case, players and agents resist such slotting.

Once the slotting has been accomplished, it gets easier.'

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Sebastian released one of his clawed hands from its grip on the wooden slotting.

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If, after all cadets have been assigned, any activity has vacancies, a second round of slotting begins.

Once the glass is cut and painted, the pieces are assembled by slotting them into H-sectioned lead cames.

Mr. Indiana has always resisted easy slotting, and partly for that reason has fallen out of sight.

Within each tier, the slotting is determined as above (i.e. worst record picks first and the same tiebreakers apply).

Clinging with only one hand to the slotting, Sebastian fumbled the knife from its sheath and hacked clumsily at the life-line that bound him to the deck.

Someone was hammering a wooden mallet, and there was the creak of oars and the slotting of rigging as the dhows rolled gently at anchor.

Blue Bell says it refuses to pay slotting fees and thus receives little or sometimes no shelf space in Kansas City area supermarkets, where it has no strong ties.

Culhane amassed an impressive 45 points during his debut, a world record for first class test rugby that still stands today, slotting 20 of 21 conversion attempts and scoring a try.

This slotting was unique in that is was never designed as a prime time show, and the resulting product was regarded as more intellectual than subsequent efforts at the format.

Because figures on slotting allowances are not made public, even by publicly owned companies, it is impossible to verify assertions by food manufacturers and consultants that the fees exceed the costs.

Hart's normal slotting in the batting order was second as a legitimate power threat before Braun and Fielder, forcing opposing pitchers to go through a very powerful heart of the order.

The Nets are arguing that salary slotting doesn't necessarily apply in the case of Anderson, who is from Queens and who left Georgia Tech after just two years of college ball.

Huckerby scored several goals, most notably the winner in a 3-2 victory over Manchester United at Highfield Road, a dazzling run past a few defenders before slotting past Kevin Pilkington.

Recent advances in laser cutting means that slotting can now be done much cheaper to much smaller slot widths and in some situation slotted liner is now used for the same functionality as sand control screens.

Now the Miami Redskins may have more to do with the major bowl picture than Miami Flah, even in an era that has replaced the back-stabbing, smoke-filled, deal-making process with antiseptic slotting based on conference standings.

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Reid was one of the first players the Argentine passed on the way to scoring his most famous goal, slaloming past the rest of the England squad before slotting the ball past England keeper Peter Shilton.

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In this and a hundred other ways, received opinion has to be unraveled and reconsidered, such is both the power of the exhibits, taken one at a time, and the difficulty of slotting them into any one definitive view of the period.

The payments, known in the industry as slotting fees, may not be entirely legal, but they have nonetheless become such a regular - and costly - part of doing business that nearly all consumer products companies must take them into account when balancing their books.

He once scored against Manchester United at Old Trafford for Sparta in the Champions League after confidently striding into the box and slotting home after a slick passing move to draw a goal back for Sparta making it 2-1.

Between the increased potency through use and the reforging and slotting of stat-boosting runes and gems, the Legendary Item Advancement System has the intended side benefit of eliminating the 'loot malaise' that goes along with scoring new gear that may outshine previous hard-won acquisitions.

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Nicol, one assumes, will be given the chance to prolong his celebrations by slotting immediately into the Scotland seven who are drawn in one of four pools with Western Samoa, Vanuatu and local Fijian district, Nadroga - selecting from more than 50 clubs and far removed from pushovers.