Sto Max Inventory Slots

AKA - Zuk

Requirements - 1 x Firecape

Star Trek Online now 'Free To Play'. +1 Additional Slot Per Rank: Max Free Inventory: 72: 42: Max Free Bank Inventory: 108: 48: Costume / Uniform Slots: 3 Free: 3 Free: Captain Retrain Token. You will be able to purchase the “12 Inventory Slots” option up to 6 times, instead of the previous limit of 3. This allows the purchase of up to 36 additional inventory slots than previously allowed. When added to the 18 free slots, you can now extend main inventory by 54 additional slots. This Star Trek Online Guide contains the 10 things every player should know. Find a wealth of tips, tricks, and strategies for all aspects of the game, including Star Trek Online crafting, ground and space combat, and character customization. These are secrets you won't find in the Star Trek Online manual, but can make your playing experience, both on the ground and in space, much more. 2 x Portable Safe (needed for one of the Inventory Upgrades, but not for the “Master of Unlocking” trophy) 32 x Key Items (needed to advance story and reach certain collectibles) 6 x Maps (not needed for collectibles but they help you navigate and find room names on the map where collectibles are located) 9 x Collectable Weapons.

Sto max inventory slots free play

The Inferno is the successor to the Fight Caves – designed to be the most difficult solo challenge in the entire game. Like the Fight Caves, the player must battle through 68 waves which get increasingly more difficult until finally, you must beat the final boss of the Inferno – TzKal-Zuk.

It is possible to get The Inferno as a slayer task, which can help significantly reduce the difficulty of the challenge – but this slayer task will only be awarded to players who have already completed The Inferno at least once.


Sto Max Inventory Slots Online

Upon completion of the Inferno, players will be awarded the Best in Slot melee cape in the game – the Infernal Cape.

Sto Max Inventory Slots Free


The most common tactic for completion of The Inferno is to use Ranged. Ideally, a Ranged level of 90+ in combination with a Twisted Bow will allow most players – with a lot of practice and a bit of luck – to complete The Inferno.

It is highly recommended to only attempt The Inferno at a very high level, and with some of the best gear in the game. While it is possible to complete The Inferno at lower levels and with low-level gear, it is not for the faint-hearted!

Notable Drops