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The Inventory is a User Interface window where items that characters collect are stored. The default keybind for Inventory is 'i' or 'b'. Items can also be stored in a character's Cargo Hold.

Also, as a free player your character inventory is limited, your bank slots are limited (subscribers get 2 times the amount of slots I think), you do not have the account bank (useful for trading certain items between your toons that can't be send through the mail system), you do not get a free respec token every ten levels, you have a maximum of 5 character slots. You will be able to purchase the “12 Inventory Slots” option up to 6 times, instead of the previous limit of 3. This allows the purchase of up to 36 additional inventory slots than previously allowed. When added to the 18 free slots, you can now extend main inventory by 54 additional slots.

The legit max inventory space is 72. An inventory of 42 spaces unlocks an achievement called 'Fully Loaded'. Each backpack SDU gives 3 additional spaces to the inventory. With more space you can have a larger collection of your weapons you would like to keep. Okay then could someone tell me what the maximum number of outfit slots you can have is? 2 by default, 1 for joining a fleet, 2 more for LTS. Then 2 for every 250 Zen. Wiki doesn't say but I'm curious to what this could be.

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Inventory size[edit | edit source]

Characters start out with 30 slots of inventory space and can be expanded by purchasing inventory modules. Currently, the maximum number of slots that can be obtained is 80.

Inventory module expansion cost[edit | edit source]

  • Row 4: 5,000 credits
  • Row 5: 20,000 credits
  • Row 6: 50,000 credits
  • Row 7: 100,000 credits
  • Row 8: 200,000 credits

Inventory tabs[edit | edit source]

There are three inventory tabs: Inventory, Mission Items, and Currency.

Mission items[edit | edit source]

Any mission specific item is placed in the Mission Items tab. Some missions will require that an item is activated by right clicking it. Mission Items are automatically removed when a mission is completed. Additionally, matrix shards and other specialty items, like the VIP Lounge Wristband, Macrobinoculars, and Seeker Droid are stored in this tab.

Currency[edit | edit source]

All commendations are placed in this tab. Commendations are divided up into 3 categories: Elder Game, PvP & Space, and Planet.

Sto Maximum Inventory Slots Online

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The subject of this article is from the Origins update.

The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.

The subject of this article is from the Origins update.
The information from this article is up-to-date as of 9 November, 2020.
Starship Outfitting Terminal

Starship Outfitting Terminal is a type of terminal.

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Summary[edit | edit source]

Starship Outfitting Terminal is a computer Terminal found in inhabited space stations.

It is a feature that allows upgrades to the player starships beyond what can be achieved through the inventory menu.

It is located near the Appearance Modifier in current versions and allows the player to modify their Starship in additional ways.

Features[edit | edit source]

The following features can be accessed with the Starship Outfitting Terminal:


Sto Maximum Inventory Slots Youtube

  • Upgrade ship class
  • Upgrade Ship inventory Slots
  • Scrap Ship
  • Minor Help Dialog

Scrapping a starship[edit | edit source]

Starships can be scrapped at the terminal by selecting the option to do so. All cargo and upgrades are lost, as is the ship. This cannot be undone in the same game session (although if a savegame prior to ship being scrapped is still available - it can be loaded to 'undo' ship scrapping). The value in units of the ship as scrap will be shown before you confirm the option. You must confirm the choice twice, and the value will be added to your inventory in the form of items and upgrade modules. The quality of modules received and their value depends in part on the value and class of the ship. Because the value is given in items, you may get more or less than the amount listed depending on the economy where you sell the items.

The upgrade modules can be sold to any Technology Merchant for , or installed and then dismantled to sell their parts for . You must have enough free inventory slots in your Exosuit to be able to hold all the items you will receive or you cannot scrap a ship. Upon completion of scrapping, another ship from your pool (usually your first ship, or the one you traded it for) will appear on the station launch pad.

You may receive the following items when scrapping a ship:

  • Curiosities:
    • Storage Augmentation
  • Resources:
    • Chlorine
    • Ionised Cobalt
  • Manufacturable Tradeables:
    • Fusion Accelerant
    • Geodesite
  • Commodity Tradeables:
    • Fusion Core
    • High Capacity Vector Compressor
    • Superconducting Fibre
  • Scrap Tradeables:
    • Compressed Indium Scraps
    • Handful of Cogs
    • Once-Useful Springs
    • Recycled Circuitry
    • Reinforced Piping
    • Spool of Nano-Cables
    • Starship AI Valves
    • Subatomic Regulators
    • Tank of Coolant
    • Thermal Panels

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • Currently upgrading ship class costs Nanite Clusters, with the amount required increasing with the tier of the class you are upgrading to (10K for upgrade from C to B, 25K for upgrade from B to A, and 50K for upgrade from A to S).
  • Stats are based on the unique seed of the upgraded ship and they follow the rules associated to Starship Archetypes. Players can use the Starship Outfitting Terminal to decide whether or not they want to upgrade.
  • Upgrading ship inventory slots currently costs Units. The amount of Units increases with each upgrade slot purchased for a ship, starting from 1M per slot, and up to 300M per slot. Players may upgrade inventory or technology slots for a ship, up to the maximum inventory size:
    • The maximum capacity of a Ship's General inventory is based on the Ships current Class - 25 for C class; 35 for B class; 40 for A class; and 48 for S Class
    • The maximum Tech capacity of a Starship is based on the ship's current Class - 7 for C class; 7 for B class; 14 for A class; and 21 for S Class
    • Inventory upgrades are not affected by or dependent on ship size
    • Alternatively, Players can spend a Storage Augmentation item to add a slot free of charge
  • The option to ask how to get upgrades for your ship does not currently mention Storage Augmentation items or how to get them.

Release History[edit | edit source]

  • Synthesis - introduced as a feature.
  • Synthesis 2.24 - stats are based on the unique seed of the upgraded ship

Gallery[edit | edit source]

  • Top level dialogue

  • Upgrading dialog

  • Scrapping dialogue

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