Temporary Gambling Licence


Find Licensing and Registration Forms, Information on Gaming Licenses

Casino Employee Licensing and Registration

The Commission may issue a temporary license provided a complete application for a Casino Key Employee License is filed and the Division of Gaming Enforcement concurs. A temporary license is valid for nine (9) months unless otherwise terminated, and is valid only for the position requested in the petition and at the casino(s) specified on the. Apply for a gaming employee or vendor license or registration. Find details about the gaming license application and determination process. A Temporary Gambling License can be used for conducting bingo, raffles, paddlewheels, pulltabs, and tipboards. The total for all gambling events cannot exceed five days in a calendar year.

Access licensing and registration forms for gaming employees

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Casino Vendor Licensing and Registration


Locate instructions and application forms for Non-Gaming and Gaming Vendors.

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Employee Reporting Obligations


Information on continuing reporting obligations for licensed or registered employees or applicants

Temporary Gambling License

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Horse Racing Licenses

Find application forms and instructions for horse racing licensure.

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RFA-1 Applications

Find information about the RFA-1 (preliminary) application phase, including the background investigation process and submitted applications.

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RFA-2 Applications and Evaluation Process

Find information about the RFA-2 (site-specific) application phase, including submitted applications, and the Evaluation Process

Temporary Gaming License

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