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Texas Holdem is the most popular poker played online, in casinos and around the world in people’s homes. If you’re new to poker then this is the game you want to learn first. Read these basic texas holdem rules and you’ll be playing confidently in no time. Texas hold 'em (also known as hold'em or holdem) is another version of the standard card game of poker. A dealer shuffles the cards then deals 2 cards to each player and then five community cards are placed by the dealer—a series of three ('the flop') then two additional single cards ('the turn' and 'the river'). For instance, if you had a 7-2 as your pocket cards in Hold'em and the flop comes 7-7-2, if you blurt out that you would have had a full house, everyone will know that it's unlikely that any player still in the hand has the full house, making it hard to bluff and represent that hand.

What is a Poker Cheat Sheet?

Texas Holdem Rules Free Printable Downloads

A poker cheat sheet is a guide to help you learn the absolute basic fundamentals to play solid poker in order to beat micro and low stake games. Like any endeavour, it takes time, experience and regular evaluation to become a master. The idea behind a cheat sheet is that you can refer to it easily to help you make better decisions than you would otherwise. While you have cheat sheets with poker and for example Blackjack, this is not real ‘cheating’. Cheating the casino is not allowed and can get you into trouble.

Hand Rankings


If you are new to poker, you will need to understand the proper hand rankings. The list below should help you understand the respective hand rankings.

Calculating Outs as Odds

To make better decisions, you will want to know the chances of improving your hand and reconciling that with the amount your opponent is betting. The table below should help you see, at a glance, the approximate percentage of you making your hand for the most common scenarios you will find yourself in. After a while, calculating your outs and converting them to odds will become intuitive. In the meantime, feel free to refer to this table.

Hand Selection – Open Raising

Choosing which hands to play is very important. It’s the first key decision of any poker hand. If you are starting out in poker. The most important thing is to play a selective hand range based on the position you are in. As you lack the post flop skills to profitably make marginal pre flop calls, you will need to be careful about the hands you play. The table below is a guide to hands you can open raise with, if you are first to enter the pot i.e. nobody has raised in front of you. Please note that the table assumes you are opening the hand ranges in the earlier positions too e.g. You open KJ suited in early position therefore you are opening it in mid position too.

Please note I have not assigned a hand range to open raise from the small blind with. I firmly believe this is the worst spot to open raise in Texas Holdem from and don’t think it would be wise to advise a wide open raise range from here. Instead, play very careful from there. Look to minimize how much you lose and let the strong hands do their “talking” so to speak.

Hand Selection – Calling Raises

As you won’t have the pre-flop aggression in the hand when calling a raise, it is important you are calling raises with hands that are at least as equal in value to the likely range your opponent is raising with and preferably with position on them. There is no cheat to knowing what hands you should call player A’s raise with. Instead, think about the type of player raising and act accordingly. In other words, if it is a loose player opening, you can widen the hands you call with as he is opening wider than a tight player. If it is a tight player opening, you should be looking to play less hands or hands that can break him and his premium hands e.g. low pairs.
As a very basic guide consider calling raises with the hands below.

  1. Any Pocket Pair
  2. A Q off suit
  3. A J suited
  4. A Q suited
  5. A T suited
  6. K Q suited

Hand Selection – Re Raising AKA 3 Bet

Starting out, I recommend 3 betting with AK suited, Pocket Queens, Kings and Aces. As you develop and gain experience you will certainly be re raising with other hands but this cheat sheet is purely for the new player playing micro/low stakes poker.

Texas Holdem Rules Free Printable Bingo

Post Flop Poker

You will quickly learn that playing the flop, turn and river is complex. As you are playing a selective hand range to begin with, you will not be facing as many difficult situations as a more experience player. Check out some tips to follow below.

  1. Miss the flop, get out of the way
  2. Be wary of straight and flushes if betting gets large
  3. Bet 50% or more of the pot when you bet
  4. Don’t attempt crazy bluff bets when you are multi way
  5. Don’t slowplay your hands, people will call you down at micro stakes so less need for deception
  6. Bet your top pair or better hands
  7. Don’t get too attached to Ace King if you miss!


This cheat sheet is aimed at the new player coming to poker in 2020 who has no experience but wants to learn quickly. Understanding hand rankings, what hands to play and the basic odds are the most simple and fundamental skills to be a competent player, capable of winning at micro stakes. There is so much more strategy and complexity to Texas Holdem that can take years to master but we hope this cheat sheet will help you at the start of your poker journey. This sheet is designed to help poker players but there are other sites offering a complete guide to finding a new casino in 2020.
I hope you enjoyed this article. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in finding out how we can help you improve your game and bankroll in 2020. You can download our poker cheat sheet below for free or sign up to our poker training video membership by paying below. This gives you 12 months access to all video content for just £49.99.

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Hand Ranking

Texas Holdem Rules Free Printable Games

While most hand rankings are easy enough to understand, others require an explanation. This chart will explain exactly what beats what. These hand rankings are the same for all high hand poker games. A flush will beat a straight no matter if you are playing Holdem, Omaha, etc. Click to download this cheat sheet as .pdf.

Texas Holdem Rules Free Printable Free

See more hand ranking cheat sheets for lowball and split pot games here.


Position in poker is one of the most important considerations in any game. It can sometimes be more important than your actual hand strength. The following chart below shows each seat at a poker table and what position each seat belongs to.

Keep in mind to adjust these seats based on how many people are at your table. See example hands played out on video for every game type in our how to play card games section.

Texas Holdem Rules Free Printable

Starting Hands

The most important decision a player can make is if they should get involved in the hand at all.

Many times new players can get trapped into playing hands that seem 'close enough' to a good hand. It can be hard to draw the line between A♥J♠ and A♥T♠, especially when you are not catching good cards.

A♥T♠ for example lies just outside the top 10% of starting hands (shown right, in blue) yet is still a strong hand in late position.

It's difficult to draw up an exact cheat sheet for starting hands as it depends on your playing style. Learn more in this How to Play Texas Holdem article.

Drawing odds

When playing for a flush draw or a straight draw the key is making sure you are getting the right odds to draw. How often will that straight draw come in? How likely are you to turn your set into a full house? This chart will show you all the odds based on how many 'outs' when on the flop and then on the turn.

Learn more about pot odds math and how to play drawing hands.

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