Wild Streak Slot Machine

Gypsy Riches Slot Machine by Wild Streak - Online Slots Find out what your future holds when you visit the seer in Gypsy Riches slot by Wild Streak Gaming featuring wilds, free spins, gold spins and an RTP of 96.07%! December 7, 2020. The best option when you’re on a losing streak is to move on to an adjacent slot machine or try your hand at a completely new online slot game. Remember, each spin is a completely unique event, so feeding more coins into a losing machine in no way increases your chances of finally winning.

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Wild streak slot machine games

Wild Streak Gaming

Wild Streak Gaming, often referred to as AlteaGaming, has been part of a larger group of IT companies operating in the Austrian, Serbian, Maltese, German, Romanian and American markets for over 10 years.

The company employs a team of young but experienced professionals with the talent to bring visions into a full-fledged product and has produced a range of slot machines, table games, lottery and scratch card games, including Congo Cash, Fruit Stand, Mega Power, Black Swan or Pirate Hunters. Custom-made games like Suleyman’s Temple are the company’s flagship.

Wild Streak Slot Machine Slot

All games can be played on multiple devices, provided your internet connection is active. Not only does Wild Streak Gaming use the latest HTML5 technology to ensure compatibility between iOS, Android and Windows, it also offers a range of Flash-based titles that allow customers with older configurations to use the same options and equally participate in the prize pool. In addition, the company invites inspired people to share ideas where the most interesting are rewarded with their own video slot game.

About WSG

Wild Streak Gaming focuses on the design, development and deployment of top-performing casino products through a variety of channels from land-based, online to social gaming along with the occasional casual game application.

The Wild Streak team comprises the top mathematical and design minds from the casino gaming industry has created some of the leading games for the biggest companies. Their network of resources spans the globe and allows for the best utilization of talent in the development of their dynamic game library. They are passionate about new game design and mechanics such as Gold Spins, Replicating Reels and Fire & Gold, but equally passionate for their partners’ success and player enjoyment.

Wild Streak provides consulting services to help clients best enhance and refine their own product portfolio from product strategy, player experience to the commercialization of the games in various global casino markets and online distribution channels.

  • Focus on the Player Experience.
  • Highly targeted design on both the BASE game and FEATURES.
  • Innovation: Historical game mechanics combined with market trends to produce a unique but understandable game for the Player.
  • Maximize the experience with integration of Math, Art & Visual cues,
  • Sound and quality Software Integration to ensure key elements are in the right place at the right time.
  • Do everything with purpose: Standards to Differentiation, Functional Art with Uniqueness, Player Expectations from Surprise to Delight,
  • Simple yet Engaging,
  • Introduce New Concepts that feel familiar.
  • Work with Software Partners to ensure the game experience matches the design intent.

Free online Winning Streak slot machine is a video game developed by Gamesys. It has 3 reels with only one row, which means that it also has only one paying line. Winning Streak slot machine game is a simple retro game, with ordinary sound and graphic effects and easy rules to follow. It has neither bonus features, gambling options, nor complicated wagering adjusting, just plain spinning the reels. This slot is similar to Winning Lot.

Winning Streak Gamesys Slot’s Tokens

Winning Streak slot game has only 6 symbols whose value is always shown on the pay table next to the reels. Those symbols are:

  • Cherry – represents the most common icon, and if one collects all three cherries, he can earn either 10 or 20 credits (depending on if his bet is 1 or 2 chips). The good thing about cherries is that they can be mixed with either 1 or 2 other symbols, and in return they award a small reward which goes from 2 to 6 credits.
  • Bar Signs – there are 3 different bar cards: blue, yellow, and red. If the gambler collects all 3 blue ones, he will earn either 15 or 30 credits, and if he gathers 3 yellow ones, he will earn the doubled amount (30 or 60). If, however, the gambler obtains 3 red bar signs, he will receive a prize of 50 or even 100 credits. Bar signs can also be combined, and if any 3 are collected, a humble amount of 5 or 10 chips is awarded.
  • Number Seven – the 7 has the second highest value of all cards, but all three of them need to be collected in order for the player to win something. If he succeeds in that, he will receive 100 or even 200 credits, of course depending on his stake.
  • Dollar Sign – the highest awarding card offered when playing Winning Streak free slot, which within a single spin can multiple the gambler’s wager by 2000, and If the stake is 2 coins, then the ultimate prize is the amazing 5000 coins!

Playing and Wagering

Winning Streak’s creators preferred the old-school gambling ways, and that is why this gambling machine does not even have the automatic playing option. It has just one playing way, the manual, which requires either clicking Bet Max or clicking the Spin button for the reels to be spun.

When the wagering is concerned, there are a couple of things to be adjusted before spinning the reels. The player is first to set the coin size to his preference, which goes from 0.25 up to 3. It is modified in the bottom left corner where it says Coin Size by clicking the plus or minus buttons. The next thing is to choose from betting with 1 or 2 chips.

Wild Streak Slot Machine Jackpot

The Bet One button in the bottom of the screen is where the gambler picks the number of credits for his stake. The total bet is calculated by multiplying the coin size and the number of coins betted. For instantly picking the highest possible stake and spinning the reels, there is a Bet Max button right next to the Spin button. The gambler can see his balance in the top of the display, while all other information about his standings (Bet, Win) are to be seen in the bottom of the display.