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Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. There are tons of variants and it’s easy to play. You can even toss a few bucks into the pot and bet on it. As you can probably imagine, there are tons of poker apps and games on Android. Surprisingly, there aren’t a ton of good ones. They are almost all predominately free to play and tune the game for that kind of stuff. Still, there are some decent ones to play. Here are the best poker apps and games you can find on Android!


Layout is suitable for Winamax. Improves the design of cards and creates a monotonous design of the table, which makes the software more suitable for the game. BEST POKER is the first poker in Google Play that values the preferences of its players more than money, and offers the largest and most progressive bonus with daily visits of the game. Every day spent in the game will bring you additional chips. BEST POKER gives chips for every achievement, and we have added a number of interesting achievements. Download the latest version of Strip Poker - Fan Edition #3 for Android. An erotic version of poker for your smartphone or tablet. Download World Series of Poker WSOP Free Texas Holdem Poker apk 7.23.0 for Android. Can you take on the Texas Holdem Poker Pros? WOSP - Play Like a Shark!

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Price: Free with in-app purchases

Appeak is one of the up and coming poker apps. It boasts over 100,000 active players, in-game challenges to keep things fun, and a simple UI that puts the game first. The game gives you 7000 free coins per day just in case you happen to run out. You’ll be able to engage in sit-and-go tournaments and regular poker games if you want to. It’s fairly simple overall. Additionally, it doesn’t hit the pay-to-win nerve as hard as many others. It’s great, especially if you enjoy playing against real people.

Governor of Poker 3

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Governor of Poker 3 is one of the more run-of-the-mill poker apps on Android. It has a ton of features and play types. There are six different poker types to play (including Texas Hold’em), online games, and there’s even a blackjack game. It gives you chips every four hours along with a spinner that can give you more. It also comes with cross-platform support. You can play on the web via Facebook, Steam, iOS, and Android. Some reviewers have complained about the poor odds of winning. However, that’s how gambling kind of works. It’s fun as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

Mega Hit Poker

Winamax Poker Android Download

Price: Free to play

Mega Hit Poker is an above average freemium poker game. The game boasts a decent number of free chips, tournaments, various game modes, a slots mini-game, and some social elements. You can even record your games to see how you did. The developers also boast an RNG certification from iTech Labs. The certification is accessible in the game’s menu. We’re not sure if that makes it any better, but we liked this one and so do most of the other Google Play reviewers.

Offline Poker

Price: Free to play

Offline Poker is one of the newer poker games on the list. Its biggest draw is the offline play. You can play it anywhere, anytime, and you don’t need an Internet connection to do so. Some of the other game features include up to six player multiplayer, fast folding, online player versus player, and a simple UI. The AI was a little difficult, but definitely beatable while the online community is fun to play against.

Poker 5 Card Draw

Price: Free to play

Winamax poker android download pc

Poker 5 Card Draw is another newer poker game on the list. This one is decent, but not amazing. It features four game play modes with both real people and AI bots. The multiplayer extends up to eight players and the online play has a lot of options for players of various skill levels. The training mode with bots works fine. As usual, cards don’t act like real life and you’ll see some huge hands on the same round you have yours. Thus, we think the RNG is tweaked a little bit. Otherwise, it’s a good little poker game.

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Poker Heat

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Poker Heat is fun freemium option. Its claim to fame is its league-based competition. You’ll join one of seven leagues and then compete to see who can reach the top. It also features online play with friends or strangers if you want to. There are some other small things that make the game fun, but the big thing are those leagues. It’s a freemium game and that means you’ll have to wait for some free coins if you happened to run out. Otherwise, it’s a fun little game.

Video Poker Classic

Price: Free to play

Video Poker Classic is a fairly simple video poker app. The developers boast almost 40 game types along with realistic Vegas shuffling. It was okay in our testing, but nothing mind blowing. You also get free coins every four hours, offline support, and more. It doesn’t have the best looking UI, but the mechanics are fairly solid. The big story is the almost 40 game types, though. That should keep the game interesting for a long time. It is a freemium game. However, this one isn’t as bad as many others in terms of its freemium elements.

Video Poker Offline

Price: Free to play

Video Poker Offline is another simple video poker app. This one is a freemium app like most of its competitors. However, this one seems to do it better than most. The game features both online and offline support as well as several game modes and support for English, Spanish, and Chinese. The UI isn’t great, but the mechanics are simple enough. It’s one of the few freemium poker games that Google Play reviewers seem to actually like. It’s didn’t do half bad during our testing.

World Series of Poker

Price: Free to play


World Series of Poker is probably the best of the freemium poker apps and games out there. It supports Texas Hold’em and Omaha styles of poker. Additionally, you can play online with tons of people in a variety of scenarios and events. You can also play on the web via Facebook or the official site using your same account, It’ll deliver you free chips every four hours and there are even some slots if you want to play those. It’s the most typical of the freemium poker games, but it does what it does better than most.

Zynga Poker

Price: Free to play

Zynga Poker is one of the more polarizing poker apps on the list. People either really like or they really hate it. On the face of it, it does all the right things. You have live online games against real people. There are a variety of game types and events that you can play. However, there are tons of people who swear that this game doesn’t use a true RNG method. Whether or not they’re right is up to you. It’s a solid, fun game to play, although if winning all the time is what you enjoy, you might want to steer clear of this one. Give it a shot at least.

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Did you know that Winamax has a mobile app for just about every type of mobile device?

Yes, Winamax is the only real-money poker site with a mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.

This means that regardless of the type of smartphone or tablet you own, you can always play poker on the go at Winamax.

If you own a Windows Phone, Winamax is currently the ONLY site you can play real money poker on, as it is the only poker room offering an app developed specifically for Microsoft's mobile OS.

Thanks to Winamax's set of apps, you can play almost all of the real money and play money games in the PC or Mac downloadable version straight from the palm of your hand, including both Texas hold'em and Omaha tournaments, sit-and-gos and cash games. Heads-up, knock-out, and bounty games are also available.

It will not kill your data plan!

Winamax Poker Android Download Pc

The team at Winamax also pride themselves on their mobile app using a very small amount of data, thus making it good for any mobile plan. Of course, you can also play on the app through a wifi connection, which is great if you do not have a data plan or are in an area of poor mobile connectivity.

One of the coolest features of Winamax's app for Windows Phones is the hot swap function which allows you to move from device to device without missing any of the action.

Here's an example: Let's say you started playing a long tournament, and you either want to go for a walk or head to bed. You can quickly swap the action to your mobile device without needing to log off from your computer client to do so.

The same holds true if you started playing on your mobile device while relaxing outside and want to later continue your action on your computer without worrying about missing even a second of the action.

Features slightly differ by the type of mobile devices used, but Winamax is working on improving the experience on later releases. For example, you can play up to four tables at once on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, but can only currently play one table on a Windows Phone.

So why not check out mobile poker on Winamax today? If you sign up through PokerNews you will not only be able to play poker on the go but also be handsomely rewarded with a robust welcome package that includes a generous 100% match up to €500 first-deposit bonus, a ticket to a €1,000 freeroll welcome tournament, and 12 tickets to daily cash freerolls.

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