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Thankfully, Winning Poker Network Forum we’re here to help. Our goal Winning Poker Network Forum is to provide you with the best possible guide to finding the right casino site for you. To achieve this, we carefully examine every casino operator we look at and use geotargeting to customise our recommendations to you. Currently The Winning Poker Network is 2nd largest provider of US-friendly cash games and tournaments. WPN is the largest network still openly advertising poker to the public. Winning Poker Network is also the only American provider of the popular variable prize pool sit and go format, dubbed 'JackPot Poker'. Winning Poker Network, poker paradise for US players. Since 2001 the Winning Poker Network has been one of the best networks for US players. They uniquely offer players the option of playing with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, a great option for players looking to leverage their online poker playing with a bit of extra return on cryptocurrencies — or those players looking to avoid moving. Winning Poker Network is a US-friendly online poker network, and all of the network’s sites currently accept US players. Other Recommended Sites on the Chico Poker Network. The Chico Poker Network is a very small network (formerly known as the Action Poker Network) that has rebranded and reinvigorated their online poker client recently.

Suggestions to help vs competitor's in USA market. Acr needs to get more modern with layouts and what you can do in site, for example get animation like the poker apps, biggest part of player base are recs and they love this feature.
-all in %
-5card plo hi and lo
-short deck Holdem
-blitz and rat hole table for micros!!!!!
-highlighted name in mtt lobby
-bb conversion in the mtt lobby
-chinese poker
- more tables themes/ avatars coming more often

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- a phone app for users.....

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Anyone else got ideas to make people happy drop them below

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05-26-2015, 07:15 PM
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Sup, im using stack n tile since two years w/o a problem on three other sites. tho I just started on an european site that uses winning poker software .
I can register it with 'Other', no problem, everything works fine. Tho everytime I close the site and stack and tile it doesnt work anymore and I have to re-do all the steps to create a custom site.
In other words, everything works fine, then I close the site, next session I start stack and tile, it doesnt detect any table from that site
Also i realise that when i'm sitting on a table ; table name use a , instead of a .
here's the title : title=[Jordan - No Limit - TL2,50 / TL5 Hold'em Money in play: TL500],class=[ATL:62CDD618]
Can you help me please?