Wpt Borgata Poker Open 2017 Results

The World Poker Tour (WPT) will head to Borgata Hotel Casino hosting the 2017 WPT Borgata Poker Open running from the 5th to 22nd September, 2017. The poker series will kick-off with an opening event with a guaranteed prize pool of $2 million. Coverage of the poker series 2017/2018 WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open, including results, chip counts, poker videos, and photos.

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A 29-year-old won his first World Poker Tour title Feb. 3 at WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open. Daniel Weinman, the player in question, was also celebrating his birthday, making the win a double whammy.

“This is a pretty awesome birthday present,” said Weinman to the WPT. “My girlfriend flew in last minute, you couldn’t have scripted it any better.”

Wpt Borgata Poker Open 2017 Results 2020

Weinman hasn’t played many tournaments outside of the World Series of Poker. He holds just over $2 million in career tournament earnings. He’s credited with inventing the Fantasyland variation of open-face Chinese poker.

Weinman takes home $892,433 after coming out ahead of the 1,312 player field, a record for the event.

At the start of play, these were the chip counts:

Wpt borgata poker open 2017 results saturday
SeatNameChipsBig Blinds
1Jia Liu6,815,00085
2Tyler Kenney6,030,00075
3Nathan Bjerno12,415,000155
4Nicholas Immekus3,550,00044
5Richard Foster5,130,00064
6Daniel Weinman5,410,00068

According to the live updates, Weinman made the call of the tournament, calling an all-in shove from Tyler Kenney on the river of a board that read with , topping Kenney’s king high.

This was anything but easy for Weinman, who was in a tough spot between calling and folding, but then he remembered reading something where Kenney had been timid to make moves at his other WPT Final Table.

“I kind of had this feeling that the first time he really kind of turned up the heat, he might be light,” Weinman said to the WPT. “It was close, he didn’t have a ton of hands he could do that with for value. I would either look really stupid or I’d look like a hero forever.”

Wpt Borgata Poker Open 2017 Results Payouts

After 10 hands, eliminations began. Nicholas Immekus was first, taking sixth place for $184,787. Jia Liu (fourth, $275,081) and Kenney (third, $327,578) would follow.

Weinman had a massive chip lead heading into the heads-up battle with Nathan Bjerno. He held 33.8 million in comparison to the measly 5.55 million Bjerno was holding. Bjerno would never find his way out.

Wpt borgata poker open 2017 results 2019Wpt borgata poker open 2017 results payouts

The final hand had Weinman moving all in preflop. Bjerno would call all in for 3,450,000 with . Weinman held . The board came , so Bjerno could pair his four on the river, but that gave Weinman the eight-high straight to win the pot and the title.

Weinman received the title, the WPT Champions trophy and an inscription on the WPT Champions Cup. His prize money also includes a $15,000 seat into the WPT Tournament of Champions.

Wpt Borgata Poker Open 2017 Results 2019

Wpt borgata poker open 2017 results payouts
1Daniel Weinman$892,433*
2Nathan Bjerno$524,964
3Tyler Kenney$327,578
4Jia Liu$275,081
5Richard Foster$228,884
6Nicholas Immekus$184,787

*includes $15,000 seat to WPT Tournament of Champions


Lead image courtesy of the WPT

Wpt Borgata Poker Open 2017 Results Saturday

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